Kara Darahu Releases 'The Earth And The Smokeless Fire' Single

Finnish symphonic death metal duo Kara Darahu released the new single titled “The Earth and The Smokeless Fire” to be made available on Spotify, BandCamp and other digital distribution services. More songs are to be released later during the spring of 2018. Check out the song in the player above! The lyrical themes of Kara Darahu deal with the feared condition called Sleep Paralysis that renders the sleeper unable to move or make any sound yet completely aware of their surroundings with all senses on overdrive. This time around the band takes the listener deep into the creation of Man and the Djinn, a complex religious and spiritual intertwining of two sides of the same coin, Christianity and Islam. Musical concepts are purely derived from the deepest recesses of the subconscious of Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä creating these aural landscapes for Tuomas Kuusinen to spit venom upon from the bowels of his anguished restless soul.

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