Brain Distillers Corporation Announces Details Of Second Album

Italian grunge/hard rock/metal act Brain Distillers Corporation announced details of the upcoming new album "Medicine Show." The record will be out on March 30th, published by the The Jack Music Records label. Ten tracks plus a cover of the song "Man in The Box," originally published by Alice In Chains.

The first single is expected to be released shortly. "Medicine Show" will be presented live on Friday April 6th A at Legend Club in Milan, Italy - a release party not to be missed! The artistic production is entirely by the band, recordings and mix are by the guitarist Frank Altare at Salvatore at 33Hz Studio, Trezzo Sull'Adda (Milan, IT). Mastering is by Riccardo Parenti at Elephant-Mastering Studio, Rome.

"Medicine Show" tells us that rock is still alive, and BDC are here to stay! These ten songs talks about our contemporary world, about our fear, our uncertainties, our contradiction. But it also talks about our undying love for music. Music will save us from the fires of hell or will it sink us into that? Who can say...

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Medicine Show 2. Reaction 3. In The Land Of Colours 4. The Storm 5. Convince Me 6. The Brains in the Van 7. Man in The Box - Alice in Chains Cover 8. Nezara Viridula 9. A Time For Silence 10. What is Real for You 11. Syriana

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