Oblivion Releases Lyric Video For New Song 'Bells From Babylon'

French power metal band, Öblivion - featuring former Nightmare members Jo and David Amore - released a lyric video for the new single "Bells From Babylon," which is available in the player above. The song is taken from the debut album "Resilience," which will be issued along with a live DVD "Live at Leym’Fest" on February 23rd via ROAR Rock Of Angels Records.

The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Pat "Magician" Liotard (Nightmare, Now Or Never) at Peek Studio in South of France.

The track listing be found here:


1. Spectral Warrior 2. Honor And Glory 3. In The Arms Of A Queen (see video clip here) 4. Bells From Babylon 5. Shine In My Galaxy 6. I Throught I Was A King 7. Evil Spell 8. Punished By The Crowd 9. Facing The Enemies 10. Race Is On 11. Dreamers Believers

"Live at Leym’Fest" DVD:

1. Spectral Warrior 2. Evil Spell 3. In The Arms Of A Queen 4. Shine In My Galaxy 5. Eternal Winter 6. Cosmovision 7. I Thought I Was A King 8. Honor And Glory 9. Bells From Babylon 10. Lord Of The Sky 11. Dreamers, Believers

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