Armored Dawn - Barbarians In Black (Review)

In a day and age in the metal scene where singing songs about Vikings fighting and dying in battle almost seems old hat, Armored Dawn is actually able to make an album that about bearded Norsemen going to war that is top-notch. You do not find anything cliche or contrived on this album at all. It may seem awkward to have a band from South America singing about Vikings, but this group of Brasileiros from São Paolo is here to cement its presence alongside other powerhouse metal acts based out of Brazil. An upcoming tour with Saxon as well as this album’s release will be a great opportunity for the world to learn about Armored Dawn.

The album benefits from the mixing genius of Orden Ogan’s Seeb Levermann, and has a fair share of influence from Mssr. Levermann’s band in all the right ways. Two of the strongest tracks on this album are “Men of Odin” and “Sail Away” respectively. Somehow, Armored Dawn is able to encapsulate the sensation that C.S. Lewis described as being “uplifted into huge regions of northern sky” Then, sometimes within the same song, the listener is thrown into the fray of battle with sword and shield at the ready. The talent of everyone on this album is undeniable, however, the only critique that can be found is that Eduardo Parras seems to have some difficulty singing the lower notes within certain tracks. However, the aforementioned tour with Saxon should help to make a good band like this even better.

Overall, the album is rather satisfying to listen to from start to finish. The naval ethos that Brazil inherited from Portugal actually lends some credibility to this album, as the idea of getting onboard a boat to set sail to unknown shores hasn’t ever left the subconscious of this South American nation. On top of that, the listener will be able to find polished vocals, blistering guitar solos, and epic arrangements in every song. Armored Dawn does not disappoint, and yes, go buy this album!

8/10 HAILS

Label: AFM Records (2018)

1. Beware Of The Dragon 2. Bloodstone 3. Men Of Odin 4. Chance To Live Again 5. Unbreakable 6. Eyes Behind The Crow 7. Sail Away 8. Gods Of Metal 9. Survivor 10. Barbarians In Black

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