Asenblut - Legenden EP (Review)

"Legenden" by Asenblut is a punchy EP containing remakes of a few of the band's older songs, as well as an interesting Manowar cover. If you were already a fan, this is a great opportunity for you to hear some older tunes modernized with heavier production. For new listeners, the record offers a quick intro to the Asenblut style which is sure to appeal to fans of blackened and melodic death metal.

Extreme bursts mix with nice grooves in most of the tracks, punctuated by some very Viking/death influenced breaks. Some portions of the record sound very much like an Amon Amarth album, but Asenblut adds some dissonance and blastbeats which distinguish them. This EP will certainly appeal to fans of the epic Viking genre, and it helps that a few additional extreme elements are included the mix to complement the often anti-religious lyrics.

The main downside to "Legenden" is its short playtime, but that is to be expected from an EP. Leaving aside the shortness, everything sounds quite good here, and it serves as a quality teaser to a new sound for 2018. It’s reasonable to expect a full-length featuring the updated sonic arsenal is forthcoming, but until then this EP will have to hold us over.

6/10 HAILS

Label: AFM Records (2018)

1. Die Legende (2018 Version)

2. Heldenbürde (2018 Version)

3. Asenblut (2018 Version)

4. God or Man (Manowar Cover)

5. Von des Verräters Untergang (2018 Version)

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