Myrkgand To Release Self-Titled Debut On Cassette, Features Members Of Symphony X, Steel Warrior, No

One man band Myrkgand (Dmitry Luna) announced the cassette release of the self-titled debut album via Czech label Evil Horn Records this coming March 2018 (date to be determined).

"Myrkgand" was unleashed back on June 1, 2017 in Europe by Portuguese label Your Poison Records and in Brazil via Nuktemeron Productions. The album features multiple guests artists invited by Brazilian musician Dmitry Luna, including: Mike LePond (Symphony X), Antonio Araujo (Korzus, One Arm Away), Andre Tulipano (Steel Warrior), Jairo Neto (Cruor), Diego DoUrden (Mystifier), Vito Marchese (Novembers Doom/The Kahless Clone), and more.

The artwork and track listing for the album can be found here:

1. Wanderer 2. The Elemental King 3. Arachnodraco 4. Demon of Ice 5. Orcs & Ogres Brood 6. Dwarvenquest 7. Dangerous Dungeon 8. Shadowforge 9. Mysterious Malediction 10. O Vale da Agonia 11. A Ghastly Aftermath

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