De Profundis Announces New Album 'The Blinding Light Of Faith'

Long-running U.K. death metal band De Profundis has had an illustrious career. Over the years, the band kept perfecting the sound which incorporated progressive as well as melodic elements, and for the fifth full length, the best qualities of both have been distilled into a massive slab of death metal that is emotive, yet powerful. "The Blinding Light Of Faith" is a bold step forward for the band into heavier territories as they eschew long, winding songs and go straight for the jugular. The album is set to drop via Transcending Obscurity Records on May 10th.

Check out the first single "War Be Upon Him" in the player above.

With a new logo made by Gary Ronaldson (Misery Index, Benighted) and a gnarly album artwork by Alex Tartsus (Sinister, Depravity) (shown below) depicting the band's anti-religious stance, De Profundis is confident of the direction and this promises to be the best album thus far. It's a quintessential death metal album that manages to showcase diversity without compromising on the heaviness.

The track listing and album artwork can be found here:

1. Obsidian Spires 2. War Be Upon Him 3. Opiate For The Masses 4. Bastard Sons Of Abraham 5. Martyrs 6. Godforsaken 7. Beyond Judgement 8. Bringer Of Light

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