St. Elmos Fire Streams New Single 'I Begin'

U.S. melodic metal act St. Elmo's Fire is streaming the new single "I Begin." The song is the latest song released from the band's first new material in 26 years - "Evil Never Dies." The album drops on March 30th via Pure Steel Records. Check out "I Begin" above!

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. We Will Not Die 2. Rise 3. Betrayer 4. Lord Of Thunder 5. I Begin 6. Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday 7. Soultaker 8. Across The Nations 9. Asleep In The Never 10. Hammer (see video clip here) 11. Unslaved 12. Wasted 13. Evil Never Sleeps - Doomsday (alt Version, Bonus Track) 14. Betrayer (alt Version, Bonus Track) 15. Wasted (alt Version, Bonus Track)

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