Wyrmwoods - Earth Made Flesh (Review)

"Earth Made Flesh" is an expansive, deep album that defies expectations at every turn. As soon as you’ve adjusted to the style of one track, another immense variation is introduced, leading to a stimulating listening experience. Individual songs move from kvlt blast beasts to ambient jazz noodling, to blissed out surf rock and back again to wrenching howls over gutted tremolo riffs. There is so much going on here, and elements that sound contradictory on paper blend together without effort in a whirlwind of sound.

Most interestingly, the album seems to be actively avoiding a consistent sound, which means every second of it is dynamic and new. Ambience gives way to avant-garde after long buildups in moments of intense cohesion, smashing the compositions home with some very unexpected sounds. There are also plenty of familiar sounds for black metal nerds, and even some that will hit close to home - check the track “The Greater Festival of Masks” for a short Summoning tribute.

"Earth Made Flesh" is not going to be for everyone: there’s a lot here that is inaccessible to listeners who are looking for background music or a consistent flow. That is not this record. But if you’re up for something challenging, something that will defy your preconceptions and push your boundaries this is worth checking out. In that arena, this recording is a smashing success and will not disappoint.

9/10 HAILS

Label: Inverse Records (2018)

1. Break the Seal

2. The Greater Festival of Masks

3. Saturnalia

4. Abomination

5. Primordial Waters/The Well of Urth

6. The One as Chaos and Egg

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