Abinchova Issues Lyric Video For New Song 'Gestaltenwandler'

Abinchova - who recently played a few gigs with Eluveitie in Japan - just released a lyric video for the new single "Gestaltenwandler." Check it out in the player above. The song is taken from the upcoming album "Weltenwanderer," which will hit the stores on March 30th via Massacre Records. The new album was mixed by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner) and mastered by Dan Suter, and is available for pre-order at this location. Whether it’s homicidal straw dolls, mysterious shapeshifters or songwriters gone mad, Abinchova keeps exploring the Swiss mythology and turns old stories into catchy metal songs!

You can look forward to even heavier riffs and more epic melodies, with Abinchova's characteristic use of multiple instruments - like the violin and keyboard - still being present.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Präludium

2. Weltenwanderer

3. Lichtfänger

4. Schatzhüter

5. Eulenmann

6. Gewässerdieb

7. Nachtlied

8. Gestaltenwandler

9. Liedermacher

10. Pestwind

11. Tannkönig

12. Adlermädchen

13. Sennenpuppe

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