Deconstructing Sequence - Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space (Review

After more than three years since the last work (the EP "Access Code"), finally we can hear the first full length from the English two-men band (apparently stationed now in Poland) of Deconstructing Sequence, standard-bearer of a genre that could be defined as "progressive cosmic electro black death" ... but, for obvious reasons, it is better to classify it simply as extreme metal with a kind of science-fiction mood ... a genre that goes back to the early days of bands like Nocturnus. However, in this case the music comes completely reworked, although in some parts you can still re-taste the feeling of great records such as Edge Of Sanity’s "Crimson."

The band manages to create a valid work composed of 9 tracks, whose average duration of each is around five and a half minutes, so they never bore the listener despite the complexity (and in some cases we could also say the pretentiousness) of the proposal.

Starting from the opening track "Lifeforce Awakens," the listener is drawn into a real sidereal journey, in which the sci-fi atmosphere is clearly the main component. It is certainly not an album suitable for everyone, especially for those who do not listen to music leaving the mind open to new experiences, just label anything involving keyboards and electro beat as "not true" and therefore, in essence, not worthy. In fact, tracks like "V4641 Sgr" leave the listener with two simple choices: to headbang or to dance!

Despite the effort in mixing epic/electronic music with extreme metal, which sometimes does not reach the goal, if you want to listen to music that really creates atmosphere and wish to admire the great technical and music composition skills of the band members (the keyboards are really outstanding in this space opera), this record will certainly leave the mark.

"Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities Of Space" is a truly experimental album filled with technical, electro and progressive elements which blend perfectly with the black/death side of metal creating instant impact. If you are looking for something new and, above all, if you are able to get away for a moment from the usual cliches of "what is true and what is not," Deconstructing Sequence is the band for you!

7.5/10 HAILS

Label: Via Nocturna (2018)

1. Lifeforce Awakens

2. V4641 Sgr

3. Memories of the Sun, Memories of the Earth

4. My Way Through the Stars

5. Dark Matter

6. Luminous (In The Process of Merging)

7. Heading to the Virgo Constellation

8 Supernova (The Battle for Matter Begins)

9. Run Starchild...You are Free Now!

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