Airborn Releases New Single 'Defenders Of Planet Earth', Details New Album 'Lizard Secre

Italian metal band Airborn released the new single "Defenders of Planet Earth," the first new taste from the band's upcoming fifth studio album "Lizard Secrets." The album drops via Fighter Records worldwide (except Asia) on May 15th. Check out the song in the player above.

"Lizard Secrets" is the first installment of a trilogy of albums. It will feature many international guests including: Claudio Ravinale of Disarmonia Mundi, Jan Bertram of Paragon, Alexis Woodbury of Instanzia and Marius Danielsen of Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom and Darkest Sins.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

Tracklist for "Lizard Secrets" is as follows: 1. Immortal Underdogs (intro) 2. Who We Are 3. Lizard Secret 4. We Realize 5. Brace For Impact 6. Wolf Child 7. Here Comes the Claw 8. Land of the Living 9. Meaning of Life 10. Metal Haters 11. Defenders of Planet Earth 12. My Country is the World 13. Cosmic Rebels 2018 (Bonus)

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