Verikalpa - Taiseluahto (Review)

Verikalpa’s debut “Taiseluahto” clocks in at a very low playtime, but uses every available measure to deliver a satisfying onslaught of trollish jams. Each track delivers an intense experience rooted in the raucous tradition of Finnish folk metal while bringing some innovation to a subgenre often defined by Finntroll worship. And it’s understandable why - this project has been around since 2006 and staffed by veterans of the Oulu metal scene.

All the staples that fans of Finnish folk metal expect are present: accordions, drinking chants and epic folksy orchestrations. “Taiseluahto” offers compositional complexity rather than doubling down on drunken hype anthems, and it makes for a great listen that stands out among contemporary releases. Notably, Verikalpa seems to have hit the ground running with a very mature and well thought out style which bodes well for the quality of their future material.

This is a band to watch. The quality of the first release is well above the norm, and if that same effort and skill continues to guide the project the band will keep delivering. If you can get over the short length of the record, there is a lot of fun bundled in here and “Taiseluahto” is sure to delight stalwart Troll metal fans. As they say: good things come in small packages.

7/10 HAILS

Label: Inverse Records (2018)

01. Viimiseen asti 02. Tyrmä 03. Neidonryöstäjä 04. Kuoppajaiset 05. Pahan Laulu 06. Verijuhula 07. Taistelutahto 08. Viinapiru 09. Kuoleman Suo 10. Rautatammi

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