Ascendant Signs Worldwide Deal With Pure Steel Publishing

UAE heavy power metal Band Ascendant has signed a worldwide deal with Pure Steel Publishing for the release of the debut album "A Thousand Echoes." The album, originally released independently back in May of 2017, will be released worldwide on April 20th.

Ascendant, founded in 2012, commented: "Ascendant is incredibly pleased to be collaborating with Pure Steel Publishing (Germany) to promote our debut album 'A Thousand Echoes'. As a band which has a strong presence in the Middle East, we wanted to join forces with Pure Steel Publishing to bring our album to audiences in Europe and elsewhere. The album features 8 full length, original tracks inspired by the gritty realities and conflicts of the Middle East as well as other topics with genuine human emotion. Guests include Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle of Filth), and Simon and Elias Abou Assali. We look forward to a strong and lasting partnership with Pure Steel Publishing."

More information on the release is expected soon.

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