Bong Set To Release New Album 'Thought And Existence'

The cosmos has now aligned, and with great honor Ritual Productions announce Bong's return after three years with a new and momentous rite. "Thought and Existence" is the band's sixth album for Ritual Productions and will be unveiled in its entirety this May 4th. A preview clip is available via The Obelisk's at this location, or just click on the embedded player above. A continuation of Bong’s metaphysical sounds, "Thought and Existence" will take the listener on a spacious voyage that resonates with the works of the band’s past, yet this offering is especially striking and stunning. A resplendent and imposing craft, comprised of two tracks spanning just under 40 minutes, "Thought and Existence" is remarkable in its ability to move the listener and transcend them to imaginative planes anew. Bong feels ever so omnipresent on "Thought and Existence," continuing the revered ability to transform time through the sublime sonic textures. As all listeners of this rite will attest, the band’s stellar meditative and mystical drone, amplified by the essential and ritualistic hue of the drums, permits our imagination to be heightened. New realms of perception and existence open up, even if only for the duration of the rite; the power of this listening experience subverting the laws of time and space itself. The first track - “The Golden Fields” - manifests as an aura of luminosity and transcendence whilst simultaneously stirring a foreboding and solemn sentiment that we are sentient, mortal beings forever teetering on the edge of complete darkness. “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius”, inspired by Borges’ immaterialist fiction of the same title, sees percussive rolls and fills being especially noticeable, making this one of Bong’s most upbeat and rhythmic tracks. Yet, both songs remain grounded in the hypnotic and mesmeric reverb that only Bong know how to channel.

The artwork (shown below) echoes this philosophy. Ancient star maps, planispheres and the oldest astronomy charts of the skies are known for being persistently accurate in their arrangement and predictions of the constellations. This too rings true for Bong’s sound with ‘Thought and Existence’ seeing the band stick with their original Orion belt trio formation. Bong’s rites have continuously harboured high praise for their ability to take followers into the otherworldly ether and ‘Thought and Existence’ evolves and shimmers like the ever expanding Universe.

The track listing and artwork are as follows:

1. The Golden Fields 2. Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

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