Frozen Crown - The Fallen King (Review)

Italy’s Frozen Crown is one of those bands who will genuinely surprise the listener with how deceptively diverse the album is throughout. It is a power metal album, yes, however there are moments of proggy exploration and screaming death metal vocals that are reminiscent of Devin Townsend, Opeth, Children of Bodom and the like. It is very easy to become drawn into each track, and it’s an incredibly strong debut album with a lot to offer for everyone.

It started as a side project for Frederico Mondelli, who initially intended it to be a solo project. But as the songs began to take shape and put down roots, he realized that there was more life in these songs than just being consigned as a solo project. While already known for his work as the guitar player and singer in the modern hard rock power trio Be The Wolf, it would seem like an odd departure going from modern hard rock to melodic power metal. But as odd as it may seem, it comes together rather splendidly for this debut album.

Rounding out the group alongside Frederico’s guitar, vocals, and keyboards is an amazing support cast that brings an immense amount of talent to the group. Giada “Jade” Etro of Croatian gothic metallers Ashes You Leave leads the way with soaring lead vocals and tremendous stage presence. Providing the twin axe attack is the 18 year old Southpaw Talia Bellazecca, whose ferocious talent reminds the listener of a young Alex Skolnick with twice the fretboard mastery of people much older than him tearing up the fretboard with Testament. On bass is Filippo Zavatarri, who has been the guitar tech for Be The Wolf for many a tour and solidly holds down the low end. On drums, we find the young Alberto Mezzanotte pounding away vigorously and does not miss a beat in the slightest.

Now that we know about the players, let’s dig into the music. As stated before, start to finish, The Fallen King does not relent in its intensity. The two songs that were released before the album, “Kings” and “Shieldmaiden” are two of the strongest songs on the album respectively. As of this writing, both videos of those songs on YouTube have already totaled over 206,000 views respectively and much of the feedback is very positive. It is difficult to pin one song as the best because track after track gets stronger and stronger.

It may seem bold to claim this, but the strength of the album is reminiscent of a young Deep Purple as part of the magic of it is that everyone involved has done the work of refining their sound prior to forming Frozen Crown. There is not much of the “first album awkwardness” that can be found here, as everyone seems very much to be on the same page creatively. This is definitely a group to pay attention to as time goes on, and yes, buy this album!

9/10 HAILS

Label: Scarlet Records (2018)

1. Fail No More

2. To Infinity

3. Kings

4. I Am The Tyrant

5. The Shieldmaiden

6. Chasing Lights

7. Queen Of Blades

8. Across The Sea

9. Everwinter

10. Netherstorm

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