Purest of Pain - Solipsis (Review)

For just about a decade now, Purest of Pain has been building an underground following with a blistering live show, playing shows in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. The band has finally brought its unique brand of melodic death metal to the masses with the debut full-length release, "Solipsis."

Purest of Pain is the brainchild of lead guitarist and main songwriter Merel Bechtold (Delain, MaYaN, The Gentle Storm/Anneke van Giersbergen). Fans of her work with Delain, make no mistake, "Solipsis" is not for the faint of heart. Bechtold is joined on guitar by Michael van Eck, a relative newcomer to the scene, who along with bassist Frank van Leeuwen, lay down intense, often unconventional, but rhythmic passages.

Clocking in at just over 50 minutes, "Solipsis" takes the listener on a unique journey through life...and death. Fans of melodic death metal will certainly enjoy lead singer (and lyricist) J.D. Kaye's passionate vocals. Although the album lacks clean vocals (less the occasional spoken word), the melodic twists and turns help keep the music fresh throughout. Quite a bit of thrash, a splash of doom ("Truth-Seeker), a touch of prog ("Momentum", "Noctambulist"), infectious grooves throughout and a healthy dose of metalcore make this one of the more unique melodic death metal releases in recent years. Joey de Boer's furious drumming on tracks such as "Tidebreaker"" and Bechtold's blistering solos on "Trial & Error" and "Terra Nil" will be prove to be highlights for many listeners.

The band retained mastermind Jens Bogren to mix "Solipsis," a name synonymous with metal stalwarts Katatonia, Opeth, Amorphis and Arch Enemy, just to name a few. The mix is clean as fans of Bogren's previous work have come to expect, but it packs the punch fans of the genre have come to know and love.

The future is bright for this young quintet. There are quality songs that span the entire release, something often lacking in many debut releases. If the album's crowdfunding campaign which resulted in 9,500 euros in under one week is any indication, fans both new and old will surely not have to wait another ten years for the band's next release.

"Don't waste your last breath on me, cause I've had it. If life is a joke, I'm the last one to get it'

7.5/10 HAILS

Label: Self-Release (2018)

1. The Pragmatic 2. Truth–seeker 3. Vessels 4. Crown of Worms 5. Momentum 6. The Sleep of Reason 7. Tidebreaker 8. Trial & Error 9. Terra Nil 10. Noctambulist 11. E.M.D.R. 12. Phantom Limb 13. The Solipsist 14. The End

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