Toxikull Releases Video Clip For New EP Title Song 'Nightraiser'

Portuguese speed metal act Toxikull has just released the video for the track “Nightraiser," the title track of the new EP coming March 23rd via Mosher Records and Firecum Records. Featuring a dark and raw tone, inspired by videos from the 80’s filled with grain and contrast, it captures and illustrates the old-school and aggressive musical style the band plays.

The video was recorded by Tomás Carraca at Another Place (Almada, Portugal). Edited by Miguel Carrapiço. Check it out above!

After 2016's surprise by the shape of "Black Sheep", Toxikull returna with "The Nightraiser” - a relentless sonic attack that evokes the best elements that made heavy, speed and thrash metal so popular: impressive vocals, a tight rhythm section, blazing guitar solos and carefully crafted melodies.

The Fearless, taunting, leather-jacket wearing maniacs hail from Cascais, Portugal, and love to play their metal heavy and fast! Fronted by the brothers Lex Thunder and Michael Blade, Toxikull is one of the most promising European underground bands, when it comes to heavy/speed/thrash, mostly due to the high energy display during live gigs.

The track listing for the EP is:

1. Nightraiser

2. Surrender or Die

3. Hellmaster

4. Freedom to Kill

5. Satan Bloody Satan

6. Rocker (Hollywood Rose cover)

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