Gaerea Signs With Transcending Obscurity Records, Unveils Details Of New Album

Gaerea released a stunning debut in 2016 that received widespread acclaim. It was in the form of a sensational EP that showcased the band's superior songwriting skills and outstanding aesthetic sense. This year the Portuguese black metal band will release the highly awaited debut full length album "Unsettling Whispers," which takes the sound forward to new extremes. Transcending Obscurity Records label owner Kunal Choksi commented: “It’s an honor to work with [the] fine band Gaerea from Portugal. Much label mates Jupiterian, they’ve got something special going on aesthetically and musically, and existing fans will be happy with their latest full length which is mature and just as haunting. Special thanks goes out to Tito Vespasiani for making this happen. Pre-orders for this extraordinary release will be up very soon on both CD and gatefold LP.” The band commented: “Nearly two years after the release of our debut self-titled EP, It is now with utmost pleasure that we announce a strong collaboration with Transcending Obscurity Records to unleash a new piece of furious black art experience under the name of ‘Unsettling Whispers’. This is undoubtedly a more ambitious step and manifestly crafts the revival of the existence of Gaerea. The unsettling reflection of a dying world who just stares while in the front row of the edge of the immense abyss where death is nothing more than the restart of the same putrid routine. It’s the ultimate line who separates the individual emotions from the other ents crawling at the surface.” The album was recorded by Miguel Tereso at Demigod Recordings in Portugal. The album features the majestic handcrafted work of Stefan “Khaos Diktator Design” which can be seen below along with the track listing:

I. Svn II. Absent III. Whispers IV. Lifeless Immortality V. Extension to Nothingness VI. Cycle of Decay VII. Catharsis

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