Reject the Sickness - The Weight of Silence (Review)

Reject the Sickness delivers a hard-hitting and diverse album with “The Weight of Silence," blending metalcore anthems with melodic death riffs and plenty of hooks. The record defies categorization to a certain extent, blending more traditional death metal with elements of hardcore - but probably not the elements you expect. The result is an eclectic mix which channels the fury of hardcore beatdowns with the melancholy of depressive black metal, for a mosh-friendly experience which doesn’t sacrifice depth.

It’s difficult for a metal recording to be edgy these days, since most taboo topics have already been touched upon and even turned into subgenres. “The Weight of Silence” brings some fresh horror to the perfect medium for exploring dark topics since much of the lyrical content revolves around childhood trauma and abuse. Stylistically, this works rather well with the musical content since the compositions range from somber and funerary to irate and crushing.

Although the overall sound crafted by the songs in combination is a success, there are odd points in the record in which transitions seem unnatural, breaking the spell and disrupting the flow. These standout sections may be intentional, but may jar ears and rub some the wrong way. These issues aside, Reject the Sickness have put together a solid release and it is sure to be welcomed by fans of death metal and hardcore alike.

6/10 HAILS

Label: Mighty Music (2018)

1. My Ire

2. Face The Storm

3. Bloodline

4. Saviour

5. Wilted Flowers

6. Never Trust A Liar

7. Reclaim The Throne

8. True Nature

9. No More Secrets

10. Awakening

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