Begat The Nephilim – The Surreptitious Prophecy/Mother Of The Blasphemy (Review)

Finally, the first full length from American deathsters Begat the Nephilim will be available, a band well known for its live shows. The band has had the honor of sharing the stage with some big names in the American death metal scene, including Morbid Angel and Suffocation. Having never had the opportunity to see the band live, but having heard through the net about the power of the live performances, I was very curious to listen to the first studio album.

Begat the Nephilim gives us an excellent melodic death/black metal album, with even more extreme influences (slam/grind in some tracks), featuring many baroque and obscure keyboards intros and always followed by “sonic assaults” filled with great and fast guitar riffs, but never loses the melodic part. Even the production in general is excellent and every instrument is perfectly clear, even in its most “chaotic” parts.

Beginning with the opening track "L'inizio," with its evil and aggressive with a screaming voice recalling Cradle of Filth’s most modern period, the album keeps a very strong cohesive style shifting from typical (more or less) classic death metal songs ("Anasazi") to others in which the "pig squeal" and the pounding slam riffs are very predominant (the first part of "Mobin," for instance). There is a very recognizable influence of the great Belgian band Aborted in the vocal style of “Cardboard Casket," which stands out, among other things, for the incredible guitar work of Cam Dupere at the beginning.

The band's use of keyboards is never overwhelming or too fancy and vocalist Tyler Smith is able to mix screams and growls with great ease and effectiveness. The record never bores and gives listeners many examples of good technique, especially in the album's best song "Fervor for Flesh."

In the end, "The Surreptitious Prophecy/Mother Of The Blasphemy" is a great debut album - powerful, “evil” and uncompromising, which confirms the band's live fame and leaves hope for the future of Begat the Nephilim.

7.5/10 HAILS

Label: Unholy Anarchy (2018)

1. L'inizio

2. Cardboard Casket

3. Anasazi

4. Drek

5. Perfect Place To Die

6. Fervor For Flesh

7. Mobin

8. Grimoire of Cryptid

9. Apotheosis of the Apocalypse, Pt. 1: In the Shadow of the Nephilim

10. Apotheosis of the Apocalypse, Pt. 2: Dawn of the Nephilim

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