Goat Worship Announces New Album, Streams New Single 'The Blood Countess'

Brazilian one-man blackened thrash band Goat Worship is ready to unleash the sophomore full length album "Shore of the Dead" on April 26th via Xtreem Music. Check out the new single "The Blood Countess" in the player above. Having released the "Doomsday" debut EP in 2015 and the first album "Blood and Steel" in December 2016, Goat Worship continues on its crusade to spread the legacy of the early Bathory albums. The style is furious, savage, primitive and has a dirty crusty edge that perfectly keeps the essence of the early Bathory works. The cover art was again made by Spanish artist José Vives, check out at the bottom. The track listing is as follows: 1. The Blood Countess 2. Yggdrasil 3. The Burning of the Witches 4. Kingdom of the Gods 5. Wolf 6. The Final Battle 7. Final Solution 8. Shore of the Dead

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