Grá Reveals Artwork, Details Of New Album 'Väsen'

Swedish black metal act Grá revealed the artwork and track listing for the new album "Väsen," which is set to drop on April 27th (CD/digital download) via Carnal Records. A vinyl LP version is expected for the fall.

Grá was founded in 2010 by Heljarmadr and Dimman in Stockholm. In a time where many bands want to be compared with their idols, Grá walks a different path where exploration and breaking new grounds are the keystones. That is the greatest tribute to the past, to walk your own path and be a leader, not a follower of trends. Upon two albums and numerous short releases, it is now time for the third album “Väsen." It is also time to follow up on the previously successful tours around Europe, starting with the Eradication Festival in Cardiff, Wales in May 2018. "Väsen" is the third album from Grá and it marks a new era. Free from the concept of the previous releases, Grá returns with an album more varied than ever and with the will to explore outside the borders of the narrow-minded so called black metal scene where most seem to have forgotten to include the part that makes it BLACK.

The track listing and stunning artwork can be viewed here:

1. Till Sörjerskorna 2. King Of Decay 3. Hveðrungs Mær 4. Krig 5. Gjallarhorn 6. Dead Old Eyes 7. The Devil's Tribe 8. Väsen

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