Headless Crown Releases Preview Clip For New Album 'Century Of Decay'

Swiss heavy metal outfit Headless Crown released a teaser clip, featuring snippets from the entire nnew album "Century Of Decay." Check it out in the player above. The album drops on March 30th via Massacre Records with pre-orders available over at this location.

"Century Of Decay" is a dark concept album, which is set in a near dystopian future. The story follows a nameless worker who tries to escape his meaningless life through his dreams.

Serge Morattel is responsible for the album's mix and mastering. The track listing is:

1. Century Of Decay (see video clip here) 2. Radiant In Grey 3. The Blackness 4. Grinder Of Souls 5. Listen 6. Plan 9 7. Outermind Travel 8. The End 9. The Eyes Of The Crow 10. The Manipulators Of Dreams 11. Degree Absolute

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