North Hammer Premieres New Single 'Magic Mead'

Canadian blackened folk metal act North Hammer premiered the new single "Magic Mead" over at Antichrist Magazine at this location. You can also check it out in the player above. The song is taken from the debut album "Stormcaller," coming March 16th. Pre-order the album over here.

Check out CROM's review of "Stormcaller" over at this location!

Created by Andrew James of Edmonton, AB’s Eye of Horus and Shotgunner as his new project, North Hammer draws inspiration from the mighty Quorthon; for Andrew is not so much a one-man band as a one-warrior metal machine. Andrew wrote and recorded the guitar, bass, vocals, and orchestration along with drums done by Doug Helcaraxë Nunez.

On "Magic Mead" James explains: "'Magic Mead' takes us to the lodgings of the hero as he celebrates a glorious victory with his fellow brothers in arms over a distant tyrant king. As the militia feast and drink to their new found glory, a strange and fantastical looking woman catches his attention away from the camp. The magic mead part of it is contributed to his magical encounter with this woman as he follows her further into the night. Hallucinations start to happen and he eventually loses control of himself and passes out. This is the reason I chose to put the more blasty and dark ending to the song."

James is inspired by Wintersun, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Aether Realm and Blind Guardian. "Stormcaller" is a 21st century continuation of the work of Norse bards with its melodic death metal folk riffs. “The experience I’m trying to give the listeners is that of a fellow fan. I want people to be euphoric for other bands that mean something to them like Ensiferum, Wintersun and Amon Amarth. To connect personally with my music and realize that I love and worship these bands.” explains James.

While North Hammer is a studio project at the moment, Andrew James plans to put together a band of top-notch like-minded musicians for touring in Western Canada and beyond.

The track listing is:

1. Avatar 2. Wanderer 3. Written In The Stars 4. Magic Mead 5. Tip of The Spear 6. A Soldier's Song 7. Black Forest Rain 8. Spellbinder

9. North Hammer 10. Lion's Winter

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