Acherontas Releases First Single For New Album 'Faustian Ethos'

Greek occult black metal act (with ritual and 70's rock influences) Acherontas released the first single from the upcoming seventh studio album "Faustian Ethos," which is due out on May 18th in Europe and May 25th in North America via Agonia Records. A lyric video for the song "Sorcery And The Apeiron" is available in the player above.

Pre-order the album now at this location. The track listing for the album can be found here: 1. Τhe Fall of the First Pillar 2. Sorcery and the Apeiron 3. Aeonic Alchemy (Act I) 4. Faustian Ethos 5. The Old Tree and the Wise Man 6. The Alchemists of the Radiant Sepulchre (Act II) 7. Decline of the West (O Ιερεας και ο Ταφος) 8. Vita Nuova

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