Interview With Siegfried Samer Of Visions Of Atlantis: 'There Was A Lot Of Pressure And Expectat

Having just completed a successful launch of the brand new album "The Deep & The Dark" via Napalm Records and European tour with Serenity, Austria's Visions of Atlantis has set its nautical visions on reaching the top of the crowded realms of symphonic metal.

With "The Deep & The Dark," the band 're-launched' again around founder/drummer Thomas Caser, this time with a solidified lineup featuring Christian Douscha (guitars) and Herbert Glos (bass) joining vocalists Clémentine Delauney and Siegfried Samer, both whom joined in 2013. The album marks the first full length with the new lineup after a brief refresh of the past with the 2016 EP "Old Routes - New Waters." Get your copy of "The Deep & The Dark" over at this location.

Recently, Siegfried Samer sat down to chat with our own Alanna Macron to discuss the new album and other topics.

CROM: What are your thoughts now that you have finished your first full length album with Visions of Atlantis? Siegfried Samer: Definitely a big weight off our shoulders, haha! It's taken us over four years since Clémentine and I joined the band as the new vocalists, so naturally there was a lot of pressure and expectations from the fans – thankfully, I think we were able to fulfill them, judging from the very positive feedback we've been receiving so far!

CROM: What would you say was your favorite part of the whole composition process? Siegfried: I would say the time when we finally received the final mixes, to put the finishing touches on it with our producer... at that point, you can clearly see what the album is going to sound like, and you can finally judge if you've done a decent job, haha!

CROM: How familiar were you with the myths about Atlantis before joining Visions of Atlantis?

Siegfried: Not too much, to be honest! I think I knew more about the band than the actual Atlantis mythology. And to be frank, the myths have not played a big part in the writing of the new album's lyrics.

CROM: Have you learned anything new about Atlantis since joining Visions of Atlantis?

Siegfried: As said above, we've really not focused to much on the mythological side of things on this new album, as most of the lyrics are based on Clémentine's ideas, as this was the first time in any of her bands that she had that kind of input. So we talk less about those mythological themes that might have one day formed the basis of the Visions of Atlantis-sound, but instead more about themes and topics that interest Clemi.

CROM: From my point of view, it seems that the sound of the band has become more melodic driven with this album and with the songs on “Old Routes-New Waters”. How did this come about?

Siegfried: Well the general idea with the new lineup has always been to return to the musical roots of Visions of Atlantis, and when you go back to those first two, three albums, notably “Cast Away” and “Trinity”, then I think the new songs are more closely related musically to the material on those albums than to the later albums “Delta” and “Ethera”. So I would say that this has definitely been a very deliberate evolution, haha.

CROM: Who do you feel has been most influential to you as an artist? Siegfried: For me personally, in terms of vocalists I always go with Russell Allen, Ronnie James Dio and Freddy Mercury. In terms of songwriting, I am a big fan of Tobias Sammet of Edguy/Avantasia, and also Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and musical composer Jim Steinman.

CROM: Where do you feel you end up drawing the most inspiration from?

Siegfried: For me, it's mostly in literature, movies, games... anything that has a captivating story and a unique atmosphere can be very inspirational, I think.

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