Powerized - The Mirror's Eye (Review)

There is no doubt Powerized made an impression with the debut EP "My Creed" in 2013. The band featuring ex-Vicious Rumors, and one of the rising vocal stars in the world of metal - Nick Holleman - jumped on the fast track for power metal success. Holleman saw new opportunities, filling in on vocals for Sinbreed on the "Master Creator" tour and even a spot on the "War Of The Worlds" rock opera/orchestra event last fall. A lot of these influences crept into "The Mirror's Eye" - the debut full length from Powerized - and with the ambitious project, the band proclaimed the "New Enlightenment"!

Five years in the making, "The Mirror's Eyes" shows a marketed growth in the band in terms of songwriting and production. The music goes beyond mere power metal, and utilizing that as the base, Holleman and company crafted a Tobi Sammet style metal opera sound, incorporating big arena Avantasia type orchestrated melody lines, speedy rhythms and progressive elements. The album plays like an elaborate soundscape play - with explosive catchy choruses, building drama and excitement at nearly every turn. Throughout, Holleman never forgets his power metal base...the electricity of Powerized.

"Where the World Meets the Eye," the near 8 minute opener, can easily stand along side some of Avantasia's classic material. Of particular interest is the complex and unexpected twists of the time changes and melody lines - showcased in all its beauty on "King Alas!" Where Holleman shines as one of metal's best voices is in the uncompromising power ballad "Forever Roaming" - an extraordinary tune that shows the breadth of his range.

If there is criticism to be had, it would be in the mix and length. With a running time of 1 hour, 11 minutes, "The Mirror's Eye" is a marathon that can rarely be spun all at once. There are three 10 plus minute tracks that can better keep the listener's focus if 3-4 minutes of the musical meandering where sacrificed. The perfect example - "God of this World." After building beautifully, the song shits perfectly to the brilliant solo section at 6:04 - but over the last three minutes the layered choirs drag on. As for the mix, the keyboards are so overpowering that at times Joris Van Rooij and Bart Geisen's guitar work is drowned out.

With ambition, drive and punch - Powerized adopted the "go big, or go home" mentality with "The Mirror's Eye." The gargantuan airy anthems can easily find themselves racking around the creative mind of Tobi Sammet, but make no mistake about it - this is the true birth of Nick Holleman! Hard work and dedication is the driving success to a daring venture. There is so much to enjoy on this album! With wonderful eye towards the future, Powerized wasted no time expanding to become so much more than just another European power metal band. With unlimited talent and out of the box thinking, I cannot wait to see where the band goes next!

7.5/10 HAILS

Label: Painted Bass Records (2018)

1. The Mirror

2. Where Worlds Meet the Eye

3. For the Fallen

4. King Alas!

5. Satan's Bat

6. Forever Roaming

7. Ire of the Monster

8. Behind the Gates

9. God of This World

10. Edified Ascending

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