Thaurorod - Coast Of Gold (Review)

Thaurorod’s latest album Coast of Gold establishes these Finns as a group that gives well-established act such as Dragonforce, Sonata Arctica, and Nightwish a fair run for their money. With the album name and artwork hinting at a nautical theme, one may feel like they may drift into Alestorm’s territory of goofball pirate metal (no hate here for those Scottish lads, by the by).

The genius is that the album informs the listener of a truth about the Golden Age of Sail that the residents of the modern world cannot quite comprehend. Getting aboard a ship and setting sail to places that are either unknown or rumored about was no easy task, and you had to be at peace with the fact that you might come back financially bankrupt, physically disabled, or may never come back home at all.

While the primary themes of "Coast of Gold" are all things empirical and nautical, the band also sees the album as a metaphor for its own journey for fortune and glory and compelling the listener to join along. A pleasant sidebar is the song 24601, which is about the protagonist of Les Miserables Jean Valjean and his internal journey of redemption. Fans of the classic novel and musical (this reviewer included) will appreciate the sidebar of a song highlighting an amazing story as this.

When it comes to how the album is arranged, there is much to delight in each song. Each song is crafted with such skill that it stretches the mind of the listener. The one critique that is noticeable is that the guitars sound a bit too buzzy in the mix of the song. However, there is a lot going on instrumentally. With the vocals, guitars, and keyboards taking up a lot of the same sonic real estate, it is challenging for any recording engineer worth their salt to balance all of the instruments together. The mix is not absurdly annoying at all, and bear in mind, the critique about the tones of the guitar come from a reviewer who is a guitarist himself. There might be a slight amount of bias in that regard, but the jury is still out on that.

9/10 HAILS

Label: Drakkar Entertainment

1. Power

2. The Commonwealth Lives

3. Coast of Gold

4. 24601

5. Feed the Flame

6. Cannibal Island

7. Into the Flood

8. My Sun Will Rise

9. Illuminati

10. Halla

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