Candlemass To Release New Video Game, Soundtrack 'House Of Doom'

Legendary Swedish doom metal act Candlemass announced the launch of the new video game "House of Doom" and accompanying soundtrack.

The band comments: "Welcome to the House of Doom! Follow Candlemass when they enter the castle between heaven and hell. Behind every door there is doom… and metal! Independently if you are an old Candlemass fan or just a metal head ready to enter the darkness..."

"House of Doom" is a unique game with bespoke music written by Leif Edling and performed by Legendary doom metal band Candlemass. The band has also been part of the development of the game that invites you into the world of extreme style heavy metal music, where both music and lyrics intend to evoke a sense of despair, dread and, impending doom.

Epic doom metal riffs from real instruments and doom style graphics comes together in this classic online video slot and results in a never before seen player experience.

"House of Doom" is a 5-reel video slot with 10 fixed paylines. It is a volatile game with a high payout. There are wilds, free(doom)spins and bonus scatter symbols (the Skull). Landing three skulls at the right moment triggers the Skulls of Abyss bonus game, where hidden prizes can be won!

For more information, enter the house of doom at this location!

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