De Profundis Unleashes The 'Bastard Sons Of Abraham'

Long-running U.K. death metal band De Profundis teamed up with No Clean Singing for the premiere of the new song "Bastard Sons of Abraham" over at this location, or just above in the player provided.

The song is the latest single released from the new album "The Blinding Light Of Faith" - portrayed as a bold step forward for the band into heavier territories as they eschew long, winding songs and go straight for the jugular! The album is set to drop via Transcending Obscurity Records on May 10th.

The track listing for the album can be found here:

1. Obsidian Spires

2. War Be Upon Him (song streaming here)

3. Opiate For The Masses

4. Bastard Sons Of Abraham

5. Martyrs

6. Godforsaken

7. Beyond Judgement

8. Bringer Of Light

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