Kenos Reveals Details Of New Album

Italian progressive death metal act Kenos revealed details of the recently announced return album "Pest," the band's first album in eight years. The album drops via My Kingdom Music on May 18th.

Today, the band revealed the cover artwork (created by Mhadi and shown below) and the track listing (listed below).

One of Italy's most intransigent death metal bands is ready to return with a devastating new release, a concentrate of violent death metal, a real blow in the face and the most furious, fast and aggressive piece of music the band has ever conceived. It is death metal music as it was supposed to be... violent, heavy and technical. The result is absolutely impressive!

1. Sons Of Martyrdom

2. B.D.C. (Black Death Curse)

3. Buried And Forgotten

4. Immortal Breath

5. Leave Me Now

6. My Wooden Frame

7. Shooting At The Moon

8. The Sweeper Of Remains

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