Orphaned Land Posts 'A RockPalast Documentary: Orphaned Land - All Is One'

One of the world's most important bands - Israel's Orphaned Land - posted an hour long documentary piece produced by RockPalast entitled "Orphaned Land - All Is One," which gives a very unique insight into the band's history and the music scene in the Middle East.

Check out the clip in the player above.

The band’s musical blend of heavy guitars and oriental instruments is unique, but what really makes the group stand out is the contribution to the peace idea. As some fans put it "Orphaned land are doing what our political leaders fail to do, unite people everywhere." "All is one" is more than the name of one of the band's albums, it is the quintets philosophy claiming that all three big religious groups – Christians, Muslims and Jews – are coming from the same origin.

German filmmakers Ingo Schmoll and Conny Schiffbauer visited Israel to follow the band’s path and to get a personal insight view into the musician’s life by visiting the band members at home, getting to know their families and learning about their daily life. "In the documentary we are trying to take the audience beyond the endless discussions about the conflicts in the middle east by taking a far more human approach to it all" the filmmakers explain.

Orphaned Land returns to the U.S. in May (dates to be announced soon) with Tyr, Ghost Ship Octavius and Aeternam.

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