Fallen Angels Signs With Sliptrick Records

Italian glam metal/hard rock act Fallen Angels signed with Sliptrick Records for the upcoming debut full length album "Even Priest Knows," which is set to drop on April 30th.

Fallen Angels was formed in 2011 from the creative minds of Matthew Ice and Ste Wizard. They started life as a cover band playing a style of rock music that was big in the eighties, glam rock. The band is chiefly influenced by such luminaries as Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Europe, Aerosmith and many others.

In addition to the style of music, the group has gone to great lengths to revive the true atmosphere of concerts from that period with related costumes and scenography that, over the years, have made this rock genre exciting and captivating. With the entry in 2014 of the new frontman Matty Mannant and the drummer Luke Gyzz, the band delved deeper into their own 80’s sound and began devoting all the time to writing and performing original music.

Fallen Angels spent 2017 perfecting "Even Priest Knows." The record pays homage to the 80’s, giving a rebirth to the glam style of music while adding an original and versatile touch with different musical nuances. All this without ever abandoning the rock vein that distinguishes it.

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