Nyctophile - We Are The Darkness (Review)

Here is the first full length for Nyctophile - a California melodic death metal band formed in 2016 - entitled "We Are The Darkness," which is a self-produced work that turns out to be a real surprise!

During the listening of the ten song long player you'll be completely surrounded by music that is powerful and melodic at the same time, where catchy and fast riffs leave room for great melodic openings. Growls and screams from Edwin Haroutonian turn clean, reminiscent of what is presented on In Flames' "Soundtrack To Your Escape" and "Reroute to Remain."

The influence of that famous Swedish band is present throughout the album, along with a hint of Edge of Sanity's "Purgatory Afterglow." Nevertheless, Nyctophile is not merely copying other works, but rather refashioning these influences in an even more heavy and brutal way. The perfect mix of pounding riffs and melody (from the point of view of guitars and vocals) make "We Are The Darkness" an almost perfect debut!

Technically, we are dealing with good musicians and stellar guitar solos for sure. Finding a favorite among the ten tracks is extremely difficult, but this is a good thing! It ensures an entire listen with your horns held up high! In fact, I haven't listened to a debut release album like this from many years. Without a doubt, Nyctophile presents a truly excellent debut - fast, furious and, at the same time, innovative and chock full of strong influences. What else would you want? Buy without thinking twice!

8.5/10 HAILS

Label: Independent/Self-Release (2018)

1. Hate Reigns

2. Harbinger

3. Shit Support

4. March of the Exiles

5. Summer of '85

6. Stiletto Heel

7. What Remains

8. Searching in the Void

9. Ov Lament and the Hadal

10. We Are the Darkness

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