Koniec Pola Streams New Album 'Cy' In Full

Post-black metal act Koniec Pola (translates to ‘The End of the Field’ from Polish) teamed up with Invisible Oranges for the full stream of the debut album entitled "Cy" over at this location, or more conveniently in the player at the bottom. The album comes via Devoted Art Propaganda this month.

Koniec Pola takes a different approach to post-rock, black metal and experimental music making it a project difficult to classify as one genre. "Cy" is a story about a specific, but imaginary, place. It is an area of the Polish village Zalesie, lying near the Kozienice Forest, where the local folk are mixed with post-modernity. The project’s music is strongly connected to the lyrics and may sound like a radio play at times. In addition to using typical rock instruments, the band members have utilized tools and instruments, which they have created themselves.

Check out the album here:

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