Weapon UK Details Of Debut Album Re-Issue 'Rising From The Ashes'

NWoBHM band Weapon UK announced the release date and revealed details for the re-issue of the debut album "Rising From The Ashes,“ originally issued in 2014. The album will be released on April 27th via Pure Steel Records, with the pre-order phase commencing April 13th via the label's webshop.

The band is also working on the new album, which has a working title of "Bulletproof."

Until now, "Rising From The Ashes" has only been available as a self-release on CD through the band. Here, the London quartet featuring original members Jeff Summers (guitar) and Danny Hynes (vocals) also deliver the finest “British Steel” with a strong production. The songs are a mix of classic metal and modern sound with a slight rock ’n’ roll edge. Included on the album is a re-recording of the 80's demo track “Killer Instinct,” which was written by vocalist Danny Hynes. The song features the original 1980's line up of Hynes/Summers/Downes/Bisland. The band's current line-up of Danny Hynes - vocals, Jeff Summers - guitar, vocals, Tony Forsythe - bass, vocals and Darren Lee - drums has recorded a version of the classic Thin Lizzy song "The Rocker," which is also included on the album as special bonus track. The track listing and artwork for the re-issue is:

1. Prelude - The Awakening 2. Ride The Mariah! 3. Fountain Of Paradise 4. Warrior 5. Ready 4 You 6. Burning Skies 7. Alamein 8. Wonderland 9. Bloodsoaked Rock 10. Bad Reputation 11. Celebration Time 12. Killer Instinct (Bonustrack) 13. The Rocker (new Track, Bonus)

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