Madhouse Releases Details Of New Album 'Metal Or Die'

German teutonic metal act Madhouse will release the new album "Metal Or Die“ on May 11th via Iron Shield Records, with distribution via Pure Steel Records.

Madhouse was founded in 1987 by Carsten Krekow (Git/Vox) and Thomas Gamlien (Git) in Hamburg/Germany. After going through some auditions Lars Rothbarth (Bass) and Paul Slabiak (Drums) completed the Line-Up.

The Band produced the demo tapes "Goin' Crazy" (1988) and Madhouse (1989) which received good reviews in the German Underground and brought opening slots supporting Darxon, Zed Yago and Chroming Rose.

After the band split in 1991, every musician joined other bands around the local metal scene. In the winter of 2014, the members reformed after meeting and listening to the old songs with beer! The reunion was set. Since 2016, Madhouse has been busy working on old and new material together with Vocalist Didi Shark. The 2017 demo "Pure Metal" brought some positive press, as well as a record deal with Iron Sheild Records.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Against Our Mind

2. Gates Of Hell

3. Hellice

4. Machinery

5. Tormentors

6. Back In The Black

7. Demons Of Insanity

8. One Way To Glory

9. Metal Or Die

10. Psycho God

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