Raven Throne Premieres New Song 'Pole Cicha Saptała Kałossiem'

Belorussian black metal act Raven Throne premiered the new single "Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem" over at Decibel at this location, but you can simply check it out in the player above. The song comes from the new album "I Miortvym Snicca Zolak," which is set to drop on May 2nd via Non Serviam Records.

The band commented: "The song 'Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem' is taken from the poem (having the same title) of Michas Charot — the Belarusian poet, playwright and writer who was shot in the framework of the repression, committed by the Soviet leaders in October, 1937. Michas dedicated this to Tishke Gartnoy (real name Dmitry Fyodorovich Zhilunovich), another prominent poet from Belarus. The poem fits perfectly into the music of Raven Throne, thus forming one of the most powerful and piercing tracks from this album.”

The track list for the album is:

1. Vietru

2. Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem...

3. Imža, i sklizota, i prykraja zol

4. Vosień

5. Žyvym vas nie daklikacca...

6. Žyvoj kryvi žyvyja cielcy

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