Blood Moon Hysteria Announces New EP 'My Sacrifice', Streams New Single 'Deception, Pt.

Norwegian metal combo Blood Moon Hysteria is proud to announce the impending release of the new EP "My Sacrifice," which drops April 13th via Wormholedeath. Check out the new song "Deception, Pt. II" in the player above.

After 2 years from the release of "Crimson Sky" EP, the band returns to bringing a unique, heavy and atmospheric sound to the fans. "My Sacrifice" was recorded at Lydplaneten Studio, Norway and was produced and engineered by David Londox.

Blood Moon Hysteria was founded in 2015 by Runar Beyond. The reason was to make music that is heavy and atmospheric. With a focus on electric guitars, deep bass, eerie mellotron and fuzzy vocals. All mixed together with a dose of Norwegian melancholy. And the spirit of this crooked world.

The track list and artwork for the EP is: 1. My Sacrifice 2. Deception 3. Towards The Abyss 4. Deception, Pt. II

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