Cryonic Temple Announces New Album, Reveals Artwork

Swedish power metal veterans Cryonic Temple will release the new album "Deliverance" on May 18th via Scarlet Records. More details are expected very soon.

Mixing modern, catchy and epic refrains, melodic guitar riffs and head banging drum beats, the band’s sound features influences both from classic heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) and fast melodic metal (Helloween, Edguy).

The album is the band’s sixth and it is heavy, fast and features ten guitar driven songs with pounding drum beats, epic refrains and huge orchestrations. In other words, epic power metal at its best. This new album is part of an ambitious concept which was started on the previous album "Into The Glorious Battle," a concept that takes place in the outer space, somewhere in the distant future. The lyrics are about war, conflicts (both internal and external), love and hope.

"Deliverance" was produced by Pelle Saether (Steel Attack, Axenstar, Månegarm, Grand Design and many more). The cover artwork was handled by Federico Mondelli (Be The Wolf, Frozen Crown), which can be viewed here:

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