Alghazanth - Eight Coffin Nails (Review)

Alghazant, the well known symphonic black metal band that has been active for more than 20 years has given birth to ther new (and apparently last) album "Eight Coffin Nails."

It is therefore a "swan song" of a band that, especially in the recent years, has been able to give us masterpieces such as "Vinum Intus" (2011) and "The Three-Faced Pilgrims" (2013), albums that I’ve loved so much, giving fresh blood to a subgenre considered by many to be nearing a dead end. However, with this final release, something has definitely changed and I was left a bit disappointed, anticipating another gem.

Mind you, we're certainly presented a "bad album" per se. Actually, the opening track left me aghast - pounding, majestic and 100% Alghazanth style. However, as the album proceeded, the songs became increasingly annoying and repetitive, as if the band was dragging wearily, or the band members had no idea which direction to go.

More or less, nothing on "Eight Coffin Nails" stays long in your mind. There's the opening track "Self -exiled" that is good enough, along with "The Upright Road" or "At Their Table." In the end, the majority of the album is just generic and bland.

Not much else to say, really…a fair album, but I definitely expected much better from the band, especially from that is expected to close an era of great music. "Eight Coffin Nails" may be enjoyable for an occasional listen, but it is definitely one of the band's lesser quality records for sure. I prefer to remember Alghazanth for tracks like “Under the Arrow Star” and continue to listen to the masterpieces that have given us in the past.

Goodbye Alghazanth, and thank you for the years of amazing music!

6.5/10 HAILS

1. Self-Exiled

2. Facing the North

3. Aureate Water

4. The Upright Road

5. At Their Table

6. The Foe of Many Masks

7. Twice Eleven

8. Pohjoinen

9. To Flames the Flesh

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