Iron Fire Releases New Single 'Dawn Of Creation'

Danish power metal act Iron Fire released a lyric video for the new song "Dawn of Creation." The song is the title track of the upcoming 20th Anniversary rarities compilation "Dawn of Creation," which is set to drop via Crime Records on May 4th. The release will feature rare demos, live material and cover tunes. Pre-orders are available via this location.

All pre-orders will also contain a bonus disc featuring the official bootleg recording of Iron Fire's 2007 Stuttgart show.

The full track listing can be found here:

Disc 1:

1. Dawn of Creation 2. Redux (Coming Home) 3.The Other Side 4.A Token of My Hatred (Cover) 5.King at Any Cost (Demo) 6. This Kids (Cover) 7. Kill for Metal (Live) 8. Slaughter of Souls (Live) 9.Final Odyssey (Live) 10. Among the Dead (Demo) 11. Tornado of Sickness (Demo) 12. Still Alive (Demo) 13. My Awakening (Demo) 14. Enter Oblivion (Demo)

Disc 2:

1. Thunderstorm (Demo) 2. Glory to the King (Demo) 3. Defender of the Ring (Demo) 4. Prophecy of Pain (Demo) 5. Flames of Revenge (Demo) 6. Millennium Warriors (Demo) 7. Black Heart (Demo) 8. Vengeance from Hell (Demo) 9. Days of Tragedy (Demo) 10.Fire God (Demo) 11. From the North (Demo) 12. Hall of Heroes (Demo) 13. Brothers United (Demo) 14. Jerusalem (Demo)

Pre-order Bonus CD Track Listing:

1. Intro - Blade of Triumph (Live)

2. Bridges Will Burn (Live)

3. Prince of Agony (Live)

4. Steel Invaders (Live)

5. Thunderstorm (Live)

6. Outro - Odins Call (Live)

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