Ross The Boss Releases 'By Blood Sworn' Video Clip

Ross The Boss - former guitarist for Manowar - released a video clip for the new song "By Blood Sworn." The tune is the title track of the new album coming on April 20th via AFM Records. Pre-orders the album at this location. Check out the clip above!

The track listing for the limited edition digipak can be found here:

1. By Blood Sworn 2. Among The Bones 3. This Is Vengeance (song streaming here) 4. We Are The Night 5. Faith Of The Fallen 6. Devil's Day 7. Lilith 8. Play Among The Godz 9. Circle Of Damnation 10. Fistful Of Hate

Bonus Tracks: 11. Each Dawn I Die (Manowar Cover) 12. The Oath (Manowar Cover) 13. Hail And Kill (Manowar Cover)

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