Shylmagoghnar Signs With Napalm Records, Announces New Album 'Transience'

Dutch extreme metal act Shylmagoghnar announced the impending release of the second album entitled "Transience," which will be out on June 29th via Napalm Records! Pre-order the album over at this location. On this album, the band perfected its game and brought it to a whole new level!

Hailing from the Netherlands, Shylmagoghnar became one of the most infamous extreme metal duos throughout the years. This is not just because of pure heaviness, not because of incredible song structures and not because of fiery emotional music. This is a combination connecting all of these factors and creating a raw and unique soundscape. With the debut album "Emergence," Shylmagoghnar achieved an amazing feat - without having signed to a label, the release reached nearly 1,700,000 views on the band's YouTube channel. Now it's time to bring Shylmagoghnar's music even further - with Napalm Records.

Atmospheric black metal and harsh vocals burst into progressive guitar melodies deeply rooted in melodic death metal creating a rather melancholic and yet playful set-up indulging in themes of our existence in all its monumental beauty and horrible chasms.

Check out the track listing and artwork here:

1. Transience

2. The Dawn of Motion

3. As All Must Come to Pass

4. This Shadow of the Heart

5. The Chosen Path

6. No Child of Man Could Follow

7. Journey Through the Fog

8. Life

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