Siriun Premieres Video Clip For New Single 'Mass Control'

Unleashing a furious and blistering sound bred from the union of varied creative metal borne winds, Brazilian metallers Siriun has persistently drawn eager ears since emerging in 2014 and is poised to do so again with the release of the debut album "In Chaos We Trust." Pre-order the album over here before it drops on April 20th.

Siriun also teamed up with Metal Injection, for an exclusive premiere of the video for the new song "Mass Control," which you can check out over here, or just above in the player provided.

"In Chaos We Trust" is a furnace of sonic and emotional fire as ravenous as it is seductive, each track drawing the listener into unique explorations of sound and provocation. It sees acoustic and predatory sides often entangling, exotically melodic and savagely invasive textures frequently aligning as the compelling lyrical and vocal confrontations of Alexandre roar.

The track listing and artwork for "In Chaos We Trust" can be found here:

1. Mass Control

2. Infected

3. Spread of Hate

4. Cosmogenesis

5. In Chaos We Trust

6. Transmutation

7. Intent

8. Becoming Aware

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