Vinide - Reveal (Review)

Whether heavy metal is aware of it or not, it owes a great deal to theatre. The idea of an album or a live show having dramatic elements well as dialogue between characters is taken straight from any musical or play on Broadway or wherever else you find theater being performed. Vinide's "Reveal" shows this influence in an incredibly powerful way.

This concept album is set in the not-so-distant future and talks about how artificial intelligence begins to develop into a tyrannical identity that is eager to take over the minds and memories of the entire human race. While this may seem far-fetched and slightly ridiculous at times, anyone paying attention to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence can see that the conclusions that the A.I. jumps to is not only possible, but doesn't seem that far off into our future if we are not careful.

Where Vinide succeeds with this album is found within the embrace the spheres of theatre and sci-fi without getting too cheesy or campy. As the whole album unfolds, the listener is drawn into the story and is enveloped in moments of perfect beauty and sheer terror. Those that are fans of Nightwish and Sonata Arctica will find the instrumentation of the album excellently familiar, but the album is at its strongest when The listener focuses in on the story. At one point, this reviewer got chills as the plot line advanced. That is indeed a very rare occurrence.

For those that are quick to write off Vinide as yet another symphonic metal band from Finland, do not make that mistake. There are enough interesting things to be found on this album that helps them stand out. It is not uncommon for bands that come from a certain geographical location to sound familiar. Case in point, many Irish folk bands do sound similar, but there are enough differences if one looks deep enough to keep one's mind engaged for weeks. The same holds true with this album. And yes, buy this album!

9.5/10 HAILS

Label: Inverse Records

1. Intro

2. The Beginning Scene

4. Reveal

5. Anger

6. The Rat

7. Plea

8. Emanuel

9. The Truth

10. The Plan

11. Believe

12. The Bombs

13. Another Dimension

14. The Great Voyage

15. Save the Earth

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