Emerald Sun Releases Video Clip For New Song 'Blast' Feat. Peavy Wagner

Greek power metal act Emerald Sun released the brand new album "Under the Curse of Silence" via Fastball Music today. To celebrate, the band issued the video clip for the new song "Blast," which features a guest appearance by Rage founder Peavy Wagner. Check it out in the player above.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Kill or Be Killed

2. All as One

3. Carry On

4. Blast

5. Weakness and Shame

6. Journey of Life

7. Rebel Soul

8. Land of Light

9. Slaves to Addiction

10. Fame (Irene Cara Cover)

11. World on Fire

12. La Fuerza Del Ser (Spanish Version of Journey of Life)

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