Dystersol Releases Lyric Video For New Single 'Olimpia'

Austrian modern metal act Dystersol issued a lyric video for the new single "Olimpia," which you can enjoy in the player above. The song appears on the band's new album "The Fifth Age of Man," which drops on May 4th via Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group/Disk Union Distribution and May 30th in Japan via Wormholedeath Japan/Disk Union Distribution.

"The Fifth Age of Man" was recorded at Realsound Studio in Italy, mastered at New Alliance East, Dystersol is proud to share the latest piece of metal music. Thematically based on ancient mythology, this album addresses some of the reoccurring problems which run like a thread through the history of mankind.

"The Fifth Age of Man" takes place during the Five Ages of Man described in Greek mythology, and focuses on the Iron Age - the last age of humanity - where people live in misery and kill each other for literally nothing. Egoistic motives have destroyed the whole planet for decades, and exploited people at the end of the food chain hunt each other down for worthless things. However, the album doesn’t focus on retelling ancient stories, but rather on connoting their meaning to modern times and personal concerns. As a consequence, the tracks leave a lot of room for interpretation, and many lyrics can be transferred to refer to one’s personal situation.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Fifth Age of Man 2. Life amongst the Ruins 3. Down to Nothing (see lyric video here) 4. End of the Fall 5. Winterking 6. Tragedy of the gifted Ones 7. Night of the Hunter 8. Children of the Wasteland 9. Beyond Blood 10. Olimpia 11. Comforting the Soulless 12. PsychoPath 13. Danse Macabre 14. End Game

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