Wolfen Reveals New Album Details

German power/thrash act Wolfen announced the new album "Rise Of The Lycans" on CD is June 22nd. The pre-order phase will start on June 8th in the label webshop.

"Rise Of The Lycans" was produced by Martin Buchwalter of Gernhart Studios.

In 2018, you can count on the Wolfen! The line-up is finally complete again. After both drummer Holger Bloempott and long-time guitarist Björn Grüne left the band for private and family reasons, new band member is now former interim drummer Siegfried Grütz, who's already been causing sensation with Brainfever back in the '80s. The band had another lucky shot with the new second guitarist.

They were able to get Andreas Doetsch to join them, widely known with his solo project as "Andi the wicked" and from his work in bands like Steelpreacher.

After the "Evilution" tour in 2014-2016 with more than 50 concerts (including an Europe tour with Grave Digger), it got a little more quiet around the band. Only a few selected gigs were played, due to the training of new band members. With the new line-up, the band is showing themselves in the most mature form, as they prove on the new album.

This is the sixth album in the band's career and contains all typical Wolfen trademarks and much more. It is way more powerful than it's predecessors, making it an actual melodic power metal album with thrash influences. Furthermore, a utopian concept story stretching over four songs was composed. All songs are full of the characteristic vocals, a very powerful rhythm section and some extraordinary guitar-work, which has always played a huge role in the band's sound. After the quintet gained new uplift through the 'comeback album' "Chapter IV“ and its successor "Evilution," continuing on seemed to be the only right and logical step! The outcome can be seen as the peak of the band's current creative period.

Now each of the band's members are full of energy again and they hunger to get back on stage in summer 2018, giving it everything they've got!

The track listing and album artwork can be found here:

1. Rebirth Of The Regulators 2. Genetic Sleepers 3. Forgotten Dreams 4. Xenophobia 5. Science & Religion 6. Timekeeper 7. Rise Of The Lycans 8. Succubus 9. New World Order

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